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GER8 Expectations

Profits for a Purpose!

GER8 Expectations is a Veteran owned company...

founded out of the need to fill the gap between a client’s and vendor’s needs while keeping focus on generating profits directed towards non-profits and charitable organizations and causes.

As an independent new business development contractor, consultant and trusted advisor with 30+ years experience in military leadership, sales and non-profit/charity work, I look forward to leveraging my knowledge, skills and abilities to complement your profit and non-profit objectives while generating Profits for a Purpose



GER8 Expectations was founded out of a desire to generate Profits for a PurposeNo matter the size or scope, many charitable organizations, non-profits and worthy causes face similar challenges: Need for Money, Volunteers and Awareness of the Cause. GER8 Expectations’ resources and services may be customized to fit your exact needs at a low to zero cost to your organization! Our goal is to work with your team to generate Profits for a Purpose!

Please reach out so we may share innovative and industry leading ways to engage your audience while raising awareness and revenues for your cause!

For Profit

Engaging your organization’s members to increase productivity, profitability and retention are just some of the reasons Best in Class companies leverage the power of reward, recognition and incentive programs. Studies have shown such organizations have an increase in up to 22% in individual and 40% in team performance while cutting up to 200% in true cost to replace just one person from your team. Can your organization use a boost in morale while raising funds and/or awareness to support your chosen charity, non-profit or cause? Please reach out so we may share innovative and industry leading ways to engage your team while raising awareness and revenues for your organization!

Partnership Opportunities

Services include some but not limited to the following programs:

  • Convert Gift Cards into Cash Donations
  • ‘Always On Shopping’ Donations
  • Travel Savings, Merchandise and Event Tickets Club
  • Rewards, Recognition and Incentive Programs
  • Travel Certificates
  • Consumer Facing Gift Cards
  • And So Much More

GER8 Expectations can  benefit your company: Employee Travel, Merchandise and Events Savings Program – Organization and/or Employee Funded. Reward, Recognition and Incentive Programs – We’ll complement your efforts to drive individual and team performance! Meetings, Events and Group Travel – a la cart or completely outsource your needs.



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